The Customizable Platform
A perfect fit. Every time.
Custom Enterprise Applications and document automation at record speed
A versatile platform for the development and management of custom enterprise applications.
Develop, manage and change your application fast and easy in a reliable manner. Digiforms allows you to quickly get started with your ideas and give end-users the opportunity to take part early on in the design process.
Web applications - Document production - Intelligent forms - Reporting and Statistics - Print - Work surfaces - Portals 

Create efficient e-services, eliminate repeated and unnecessary work and allow your company's resources to share mission critical information - anytime and from anywhere.
It's easier than you think.

Case Studies

Serving different industries
Digiforms is adaptable to serve companies from different industries.

Learn more about document automation and the applications some of our customers have realized, and be inspired to create your own.

Getting started

Digiforms Designer
Easily create highly customizable xsl-fo based templates for

* standalone pdf documents
* document automation
* reports
* intelligent forms or web-apps

Download a free trial today.

Developer resources
Configuring and developing with Digiforms
A world in constant change
In a global and changing world, companies must face challenges more quickly than ever before. There is a growing demand to establish new customized services, and at the same time have these services adapt in stride to their new environment. Digiforms is the fastest way to build your solutions upon to meet these needs.   
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